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no one underestimate's me
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Supernatural Mama! Reader x SPN! Fledgling! Angels :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 60 9
The Button- Bagginshield
A few days has passed since the dreadful, greedy, Fire Drake of the North, Smaug, had been slain, and the halls of Erebor had now been reclaimed. Only one thing had remained. The growing mental disease that was beginning to plague Thorin's mind.
Thorin had been relentlessly looking for the Heart of the Mountain, The Arkenstone. Going as far as ordering the members of his own company to look in search for it, pausing the much needed construction on the front gate and the rest of Erebor just for the shiny rock.
Bilbo had walked down to the open area of the corridors near the treasury, looking down upon the shiny, gold, treasures of Erebor.Bilbo kept his eyes on Throin as he was sometimes even asked by Thorin, to keep him private company. Bilbo sighed looking again dreadfully into Thorin's eyes for the umpteenth time, the ongoing clear, sky blue eyes, that had once been filled with pride, determination, and stubborness of the young Dwarf Prince that he had long since known traveling toget
:iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 8 3
Child!Asura x Child!Reader Part.1
A young girl with (H/L) (H/C) stares down at two graves under
     a weeping willow tree in a wide field and lays down a banquet
     of roses as she sobs. "Goodbye, papa. I knew you tried your
     best to take care of me since mama left. But now your with
     mama. Grandpa and Grandma won't let me live with them and
     neither will Auntie let me live with her either." The little
     girl began to cry more as she knees collapsed to the ground,
     as her white frilly dress  was beginning to get dirty.
     Her body racking with streaming tears as clutched her fingers
     into the ground as clouds began forming above as lightning
     and rain began to streak across the landscape as the rain
     turned heavy. The young girl had wiped her tears and ran for
     her life while her streams were getti
:iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 15 5
Majestic Seahorse by leaderofbloodscourge Majestic Seahorse :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 0 0 Portrait of a Boy by leaderofbloodscourge Portrait of a Boy :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 0 0 Spiritual mix by leaderofbloodscourge Spiritual mix :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 2 0
Modern AU! Levi x Reader DISTURBIA Chapter.1
AN: Note to the readers I do not own some of the plot. This
     plot originally belonged to the director who filmed
 .                         Chapter 1
                         One year Later
     Recon High School, (Name)'s school.
     It inhabited some of the most oddest, scariest, and ugliest
     teachers (Name) has EVER seen, besides the  new
     principal Erwin Smi
:iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 11 5
Modern AU! Levi x Reader DISTURBIA
AN: Note to the readers I do not own some of the plot. This
     plot originally belonged to the director who filmed
     You were in the car with your mother as you were driving home
     from your wonderful short vacation from Virginia. "Mom that
     was the best vacation I have had!" You said to her as she
     muttered a thank you as  you then felt your phone buzz
     in your jean pocket. You flipped the phone open and answered
     it, "Hello?"
     "Hello sweetie, you and mom coming home?" Your grandmom asked
     as your Mom kept on driving. "Yes mom we are, I swear we had
     an awesome vacation together!" You excitedly yelled as you
     heard your grandmother chuckle as you heard pots and pans
     banging into eachother in the backg
:iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 5 4
Levi X Reader My Wings of Freedom
       Multiple loud cries rang out through out the Head Quarters of the Survey Corps as Squad Levi, Hanji Zoe, and the Shingashina trio, huddled around a little baby.
You were cuddling your 7-hour, new baby boy, Zion, he had dark ebony hair like his father, and his facial features, of course, Levi, the father, was storming the halls to his love and newborn baby.
    "He's just too cute!" Petra cooed softly as she looked at the little boy as his cries started quieting down. "He's.....Cute...." Mikasa said quietly as she soon began to think 'He is too much like that dwarf though -_-' "YES! FINALLY! A MINI LITTLE LEVI!" Hanji cheered loudly as she was so basked in her own excitement, a certain Shorty was at the other end at the door. As the door slammed open, Hanji was smashed against the wall as the short man went to you and kneeled on the floor and looked softly at his child. "He's handsome isn't he? Just like you." You said to him as the little boy was co
:iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 37 13
A girl holding lantern by leaderofbloodscourge A girl holding lantern :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 0 0 Man Made River Bank at sunset by leaderofbloodscourge Man Made River Bank at sunset :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 0 0 Ocean in Sunset by leaderofbloodscourge Ocean in Sunset :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 1 0 Animation Tears of an Angel special pics 1 by leaderofbloodscourge Animation Tears of an Angel special pics 1 :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 0 0 Watching You Fall Apart Before the Moon by leaderofbloodscourge Watching You Fall Apart Before the Moon :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 2 0 Leaderofbloodscourge icon by leaderofbloodscourge Leaderofbloodscourge icon :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 2 3 Colors of Feeling by leaderofbloodscourge Colors of Feeling :iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 1 0


Akatsuki x Child! Reader 50 Reasons 1/5
Akatsuki x Child! Reader 50 Reasons Why I Love My Family Part 1/5
1) The Mornings
A small figure slowly stalked towards the room in the early hours of the morning opening and shutting the door as quietly as they could trying not to disturb the one who resided in the bed just yet. The stitched man didn't move a muscle to turn from his comfortable position on the bed. Don't move and she won't bother you. Kakuzu realized his theory was wrong as the small five year old body pile drove their body into his, their knees connecting painfully with his ribcage. Unique eyes glared up at the smiling face for the rude awakening he had received.
"Good morning~!" Grumbling he sat up and pinched the bridge of his nose.
"What do you want, _____?" The bright red 4:02 AM stared Kakuzu straight in the face. Your smaller hands grasped his tanned one as you lead him into the kitchen.
"I'm hungry."
2) The Experiences
Kisame cracked a door open only to have his jaw drop bef
:iconmnlreturns:MNLreturns 302 22
Didn't mean it! SasoDei by Lairam
Mature content
Didn't mean it! SasoDei :iconlairam:Lairam 911 144
Cock block Destiel x child reader
Dean shut the bedroom door behind him and faced Cas, his husband, with a warm smile.
Cas looked up from his book. A gentle smile made its way onto his face. He closed the book setting it aside.
"Yes Dean?"
(Y/N) is finally asleep."
Silence lingered in the air as the two men stared at one another, permanent smiles on their faces. Dean went over to the bed, practically jumping, and forced his lips against his husbands. Cas let out a groan and smiled deeper into the kiss. Cas put a hand up to Dean"s chest. He tugged at the man's shirt.
Dean grazed his lips gently. Two strong, calloused hands ran up his sides and pulled him closer. Passionate green eyes stared into Cas's as he purred with delight, pausing for a brief moment to merely enjoy his presence; his nicely toned body grinded up against his, the warmth in both their groins growing with lust and desire.
"Dean." Cas moaned, finally removing his shirt. He smiled,  pausing for a moment as he took in the bare torso before him
:iconamanda255:amanda255 247 62
Assassins Creed Wristblade v2 by thegadgetfish Assassins Creed Wristblade v2 :iconthegadgetfish:thegadgetfish 2,355 504
Assassins Creed Jingle Bells
What the hell
What the hell
Templars everywhere,
On the roof tops and in the boats,
Wait here comes Altair!
What the hell,
What the hell,
The master is a fraud;
Kick his ass and take the staff,
and then go make a spawn!
Dashin' 'cross the lake,
Upon only the planks,
Must get to Malik,
Before I get flanked.
Take down an archer,
Jump into the hay,
Climb another building,
What the hell,
What the hell,
Flags are everywhere,
Collect them all and have a ball,
Cuz' AlMualm ain't there.
:iconix-demyx-mn:IX-Demyx-MN 892 33,734
Dear Line of Durin by superkim111 Dear Line of Durin :iconsuperkim111:superkim111 17 6 Thorin and Bilbo :last homely hole by Brilcrist Thorin and Bilbo :last homely hole :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,922 93 Fili walk by Spader7 Fili walk :iconspader7:Spader7 1,641 149 The Hobbit - Fili cosplay by XMenouX The Hobbit - Fili cosplay :iconxmenoux:XMenouX 402 42
Forevermore: Link X Reader X Dark Link P7
“Eat this.”
A plate of food slid across the dusty floor, clattering to a stop near where your body lay. Weakly, you mustered all of your energy into opening your eyes, too weak to even attempt to glare.
The door was ajar and Lo and Behold, Dark Link stood in all his smug, spiteful glory before you.
You gave him a feeble scoff, closing your eyes and trying to ignore him.
‘As if that’s going to happen, buddy.’
You thought angrily, hearing footsteps walk into the room.
‘This imbecile frames me for attempted murder and nearly has me beat to death- and now he wants to revive me from starvation so he can torture me again? Fat chance.’
You could hear the creak of the door hinges as it closes, a low “thud” resounding throughout the cold and cramped room.
The footfalls were growing louder, and you swore to the goddesses- if that damned shadow dared take a step closer, you might’ve just strangled him... If only you had enough ene
:iconxbunnybunz:XBunnybunz 163 102
Modern AU: Unconditional Love (Levi x Reader) RQ
Levi’s POV
The life of an idol sucks. Many might think that I’m living a fancy life but in reality it really sucks. I’m always busy and have no time for myself. Schedules are always full and every time I’m finished with an appointment, there goes another one. It’s like a non-stop cycle. The only time I can rest is when I sleep or eat.
Aughh, finally I could lie down.”  I let myself fall onto my comfy couch and take some time to rest after a tiring event. I stretch my body and move into a more suitable position. Sigh, it’s always like this every day. It makes me want to quit this job and move to a far far away place with no people ever knowing me or “Rivaille” but unfortunately for me I’m still here. Damn myself for not quitting before.
“Levi, you know that you still have an appointment next in the music studious. You better prepare now or you’ll be late.” Hanji s
:iconriasora27:RiaSora27 206 100
Levi x Reader: Through My Eyes RQ
  The meadow was fresh and the sky was clear. One could smell the scent of flowers probably for miles and miles. There, under a tree, sat a girl. Her name was (f/n). A sketchbook on her lap, she was done with her masterpiece. Known for her picturesque drawings of her comrades and surroundings, she gained the admiration of pretty much everyone who had seen her work. Hell, she could even make the basement look nice if she drew it. And she always had a saying as well: "I only draw things the way I see them, the way I know them.". Her friend, Armin, was currently looking for her because she'd been gone for a while now.
  Spotting the familiar (h/c) hair under the shade of a large tree, he started walking towards the figure leaning on the tree. As he got closer, he realized that the artist had fallen asleep. He took a peek at her sketchbook and let out a silent 'wow'. She had drawn the meadow in front of her. The details were spot on from the very grass to the b
:iconara-cherry:Ara-Cherry 257 28
Levi x Reader: Levi's Little Kisses
why can't a write a fluff that doesn't have one pervy thing in it? TT.TT Request for Marixrush !
There was a guy in your high school that you really, really liked. He was about 2 years older than you and in his junior year. So yes, you were but a cute, little freshman with a cute, little infatuation on your senpai.
You first laid eyes upon him on the first day of school. All freshman had to pick a club to join, so the older students were tabling for their respective organizations, Ping Pong Club, Computer Science Team, Math Society, Spanish Honors Club, etc etc.
And there was one table that you noticed only had one student. A raven-haired male with steely grey eyes was sitting cross-legged in a seat as he leaned back and sketched a picture in his notebook. It wasn't necessarily his appearance that caught your attention but rather the way everybody seemed to avoid him as if he were the plague.
But they didn't seem to hate, it was as if they were scared of him.
True, he gave o
:iconanimatryx:animatryx 1,169 385
HERE ARE YOUR GODDAMN PILLS by Z-Raid HERE ARE YOUR GODDAMN PILLS :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 648 43 Pandashka by Z-Raid Pandashka :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 453 38 Run As Fast As You Can by Z-Raid Run As Fast As You Can :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 357 388
thease are my favs
WHEATLY!!!!!!!!! MIGHT BE IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Journal History


My favorite songs. (Not in order)

1.What hurts the most
3.Valentine's Day
4.Shadow of the Day
5.Leave it all the rest
7.Gonna go far kid
9.Pump up the jam
12.Seven Nation Army
13.Give me your eyes
14.A Thousand Years
15.If I DIe Young
17.Field of Innocence
18.Fight For All the Wrong Reasons
20.Far Away
21.If Everyone Cared
22.Tears of an Angel
24.Broken Inside
25.Eyes of Tomorrow
26.You Could Be Happy
27.Beautiful Girl
31.Diary of Jane (Acoustic)
34.Is it my Fault?
37.Going in Blind
38.Let Go
39.Viva La Vida
40.CLarity (Aylen Remix)
42.Colors of the Rainbow
43.Colors of the wind
44.Mordred's Lullaby
46.I'm not the one
47.Quiet like the Snow
50.Gravity of Love
51.Crime and Punishment
53.Lovely Bones
54.Here comes the Sun
55.Bad Blood
56.No Light
57.I'll Attack
58.Bones Shatter
59.Angel of Darkness
60.I will not Bow
61.Tear Drops on your Guitar
62.The River
63.Cry me a River
64.Midnight Sonata (Ludwig van Bethoven)
65.Miss Murderer
66.Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep
67.Exile, Vilify
68.Stuck in the Middle with You
69.Higurashi no Koro Ni THeme
70.Schindler's List Theme
71.Misery Business
73.I'm So SIck
74.Cassie (Acoustic)
75.Red Sam
76.Precious One
77.My Heart Will Go On
78.I Need a Doctor
79.Numa Numa
80.Losing You
81.Jos Sa Tahdot Niin
82.E is For Extinction
83.Welcome to the Masquerade
85.My Diablo
87.When You're GOne
88.Human Sacrifice
89.30 Minutes
90.Flawed Design
91.The Kill
92.Get It Right
93.Shattered Yesterday
94.Like a G6
95.Psycho Teddy
96.Cara Mia (Acapella)
97.We Speak No Americano
98.SOmebody's Watching Me
99.Curse of the Virgin Canvas
100.Everytime We Touch
101.Love is War
102.Hymn for the Missing
103.Bad Apple
104.I Knew I Loved You
105.Video Killed the Radio Star
106.Your Gaurdian Angel
108.Don't Mess With Me
108.Last Night,Good Night
109.World Is Mine
110.Minus Me
111.Rugrat's Theory
112.Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris
113.Cyber Thunder Cider
114.I'm Coming Home
115.Sweet Home Alabama
116.In Your Head
119.The Device Has Been Modified
121.Chasing Cars
122.Set the fire to the third bar
123.How to Save a Life
124.Shoot the Water
126.Move ya Body
127.Push it
128.Drop it like it's hot
129.Sexy Back
130.Say Something
131.Not Afraid
132.Daddy's GOne Crazy
134.Under PotaDOS
135.Still ALive
136.Want You GOne
139.The Day That Never Comes
140.Love Lockdown
142.It's Amazing
145.Getting Away WIth Murder
146.Colors of the World
147.Attack on Titan Jaegeractive ("Radioactive" Song Parody)
148.I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly
149.Get Low
150.In Da CLub  
152.California Love Remix 
153.All I Ever Wanted 
154.Black Cat 
                And Still COunting.....


leaderofbloodscourge's Profile Picture
Jordan Taylor Heath
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi my name is Jordan Taylor Heath.
I like to draw Cats, Dogs, and sometimes other animals.
I have an interest in WWII, WWI, and Vietnam war
I love Cats and Dogs and Horses.

I love Country bands, Alternative, Gospel, Native/ Foreign music, Vocaloid, Rock, Classic Rock

I am taking some requests. just ask if you want.
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What Naruto Animal Personality Do You Contain?
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Okay So I am going to make a comic beacause I am having artist block
I am thinking about making it about 2pCatalia and 1pCatalia and I might include some of my best friends in it
So if you want to be in the comic tell me okay but first I need to write some notes

The width of every comic should be 440 in width and 2720 in length
All cat characters Ocs of yours or a friends should be a regular cat design But you are allowed to have accessories Collars Bows Boots Puss in Boots XD and necklaces
If you want to you are allowed to make up a country cats name and such and you are allowed to have one of the 2p 1p Catalia characters as relatives
Remember you need to make up your 2p character as well
I will be in the comic as well
If i get stuck in comic block HELP ME XC GIVE ME IDEAS
Help me with some of the characters If I accidently mess a character up tell me and I will redo it if I can Because most of the comic strips will be in drafts so I will draw Wips and then finish it when I am done redoing everything you tell me if I mess up

Warning There will be character violence

Ask me any questions you have

From Leaderofbloodscourge

Ps Sorry if you can't understand for some reason devianart won't let me put commas and periods and stuff


:iconsmutnlimesnigga: :iconchameleon-charm-fc: :iconbloodclan-club:


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